How to upload website files with FTP

FTP (File transfer protocol) is the easiest means to upload your website to your hosting server.
Once you have been provided your FTP details by your hosting provider, you can use these simple steps to upload your website to your hosting server. Once your files have been uploaded your website will now be accessible to the world.


1.Get FTP software

You will first need some kind of FTP application, some of the popular choices are filezilla and cuteFTP. But there are many. I thing guide we will be showing you how to use filezilla.

You can get your copy of filezilla here: Filezilla download


filezilla download page


1.On the filezilla download page you can select the default version it indicates.

2. Or you can choose alternative version, That would suit your operating system.


2.Filezilla program structure

Once you have downloaded filezilla your will need your FTP details handy, in-order to connect to your webhosting server you will need the following details.


Filezilla main window 1.Server hosting name:
2.FTP username:
3.FTP password:
4.Port number: 21 (most popular this may very between hosting providers, Inquire with your host if port 21 does not allow you to connect)


Once you are connected your will be presented with the following window. Your local computer files will be to the left (local site area). And to the right is your webhosting server (remote site). All you now need to do is drag your website file into the appropriate public folder: public_html (linux hosting)   wwwroot (windows hosting).


PS. some hosting providers may have an alternative folder for website files, If you are not sure were to put your website files please inquire with your hosting provider.