Sign up for Radiusthree shared hosting


This guide will guide you on how to sign up for shared hosting with Radiusthree.We endeavor to make the sign up process as simple as possible, with all related month cost indicated during the sign up.You can be assured of no surprise monthly costs.


Step 1

You can start out by going to our home page at And hover over the hosting tab, you can then select Linux hosting. You will then be taken to our shared hosting for Linux servers. We will soon also be offer windows hosting packages, but for the moment we only offer shared hosting on Linux.





You can then browse down to the pricing tables, you can choose the most suitable package for your needs. Then just select the sign up option.








You will then be taken to the domain configuration page.

  1. Register new domain name, choose this option if you want a domain that is not current registered.
  2. Transfer domain, you will select this option if you wish the domain over to Radiusthree.
  3. Self-managed, you will choose this option if you want the domain name on our system but your will be pointing the domain from another service provider.
  4. Input the domain name and TLD.
  5. Once you are happy with your selection you can proceed with your sign up.



Step 2

You will then be taken to the order summary page, here you will see a summary of your order. If you are satisfied with the order placed you can proceed.




You will then be taken to the client details section of the signup.





1  if you are an existing client you will click existing client. You will then be requested to provide your client login details.

If you are a new client you will provide all the requested information, Note please use an existing email address in the email address field as this is the initial sign up. You can always have this updated at a later stage

2   You can then choose your payment method, this is the means we will use to bill your service every month if you have chosen product that falls under monthly billing.


And presto you have signup for your Radiusthree shared hosting package.