Sitelock security

With the ever increasing vulnerability of websites, Protection of your website has become a great concern. And with the rising popularity of cms platforms such as wordpress and joomla.

Sitelock offers you the piece of mind that your website is being protected. By checking for vulnerabilities using the most up to date methods, you can be assured that your website is being protected against the most up to date methods.


Sitelock features


Daily Vulnerability Scans

run daily vulnerability scans to insure that your website code has not been compromised.

So you can focus on your business and not constantly put out fires when it comes to your website security.



Automatic Malware Removal

if any malicious is found it is automatically removed and you are notified.



Protect your  Database

protect your websites databse integrity



Basic DDoS Protection

Protect your website against DDoS attacks, so your site is accessible by legitimate sources.



Advanced Website Acceleration

utilize Sitelocks accelerated CDN to improve SEO and reduce bandwidth.

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